Vallensons Brewery

Our small home brewery located in Pearland Texas just South of Houston was founded in December 2008. We have been brewing great beers for over 14 years and one day aspire to have our own Nanobrewery. Since any start-up is always tough, we feel starting small and expanding later is the best way to go. 

As a Nanobrewery we brew 1/2  barrel of beer at a time which means we can afford to brew different styles of beer in smaller quantities (less cost) while focusing attention to traditional styles with a creative twist. At Vallensons we like to experiment and thus far our beers have been very successful.

Vallensons plans to be different then the standard brewery by carving a niche out of the craft brewing industry. Vallensons Brewing Company plans to build its reputation on quality, character and consistency and the best part of it all is that we plan on having fun along the way. We believe that if you put passion into what you love then you will yield success.